Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Do hemorrhoids go away or are we meant to have re occurrences for the rest of our lives? Well, the answer depends on how you treat your hemorrhoids while you have them and whether or not you really understand the root cause of why they develop. In short, if you cover up the symptoms until the hemorrhoid disappears, then you will likely get it again. However, if you tackle the hemorrhoid at the root of the problem, then you will be hemorrhoid free forever. So how do hemorrhoids go away for good?

With Cream?

Is cream and ointment an effective way to cure hemorrhoids and make them disappear forever? The amount of creams that line the pharmacy shelves may have your convinced that they are the answer. However, in the end, they are just a way to shrink the hemorrhoids and give you some temporary relief from the pain and itching. It is important to note that creams do not work for everyone! In addition, some hemorrhoid products can make the situation worse by irritating the hemorrhoids. These creams are not the answer to cure hemorrhoids, as a good warm sitz bath can have the same effect on your hemorrhoids as the cream does.

With Surgery?

So, if cream is not going to help you get rid of those hemorrhoids, then you may be asking yourself Do hemorrhoids go away with surgery? This is a valid question and it would make sense that hemorrhoid surgery, or hemorrhoidectomy, should be the answer. I mean, the hemorrhoid is removed right? Well, even though the hemorrhoid is removed, it doesn’t solve the problem permanently, it just snips it at the base.

Doing Nothing?

No. It is possible that your hemorrhoids will shrink and the symptoms will alleviate after some time, even if you do nothing, but they will not go away.You can’t expect to sit back and tackle the issue. There is a reason why you got the hemorrhoids in the first place, and if your keep doing what you are doing, then that reason will still be there and cause them to come back again. Plus, if you let your hemorrhoid continue to bleed without doing anything, then you may find that anemia results. Even a slow amount of blood loss can lead to anemia. In addition, infections can occur and your immune system can be compromised. So, do hemorrhoids go away by doing nothing? No! You are going to have to change something in order for your hemorrhoids to disappear.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Think of it this way. Humans are the only beings on the planet that get hemorrhoids. What does that tell you? Well, it should tell you that animals have a really good digestive system. Since the end of the digestive system is where the hemorrhoids develop, it only makes sense that we need to take better care of our digestive system in order to tackle the root cause of hemorrhoids. Do hemorrhoids go away by changing one thing related to your digestive system? No. There are many different aspects that affect your digestive system and if you want to tackle the root cause and be able to say yes when asked do hemorrhoids go away? then you need to tackle all of those aspects.

With Water?

There is no laxative that you can take that will match the power of water. Drinking water is the best, most natural stool softener in the world and it can help alleviate irritation immensely during bowel movements. Water also helps to keep hemorrhoids from reoccurring by ensuring that your digestive system is pushing through all of the waste. If you do not drink the recommended amount of water per day (above 8 cups), then you need to start increasing your water immediately.

With Fiber?

Fiber and water go hand in hand. In fact, they are two of the most important considerations in the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids. Fiber helps to clean the walls of the bowel and keep everything moving through the digestive system. Without it, the bowel walls can become blocked and more pressure will be needed to pass the fecal matter. This pressure can cause hemorrhoids to occur. That’s the all-important answer to ‘why do hemorrhoids go away with fiber’. Therefore, eat a diet that is high in fiber. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help you keep a fast-paced colon so constipation or strain does not occur.

How About Fatty Foods and Animal Products?

If you eat a high fiber diet, and drink lots of water, can you also enjoy a high fat diet full of animal products, and do hemorrhoids go away by doing so? The short answer is no. The long answer to this question by eating a high fat animal product diet’ is that red meat, high fat, and high protein diets are all hard on the lower digestive system. They are low in fiber and can take a long time to digest. This can slow down the process of the digestive tract, and in result, cause a backup that puts strain on the digestive system.

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away With Other Considerations Such as Exercise?

Absolutely! It is thought that through various exercises you can prevent internal and external hemorrhoids. These are not intense exercises, but rather simple stretches and movements. In addition, walking and other exercises can help you get off your butt (and alleviate pressure on the rectum), which will definitely help to prevent hemorrhoids.

By Knowing What NOT To Do In Exercises?

It is also important to remember some ‘donts’ when exercising. For instance, proper lifting techniques, even when it come to weights, can help you alleviate strain on your hemorrhoidal vessels, thus reducing likelihood of hemorrhoids. Using your legs and thighs instead of your back is the best away to do this.

SO DO hemorrhoids Go Away?

Yes. Inside the H Miracle, you will learn that water, diet, and exercise are not the only ways to cure hemorrhoids. In it you will find a more detailed explanation to cure your hemorrhoids in 48 hours and how you can ensure that they go away forever. To answer the question do hemorrhoids go away? It is important to take into account all aspects of your digestive health, since that is where hemorrhoids stem from. If you have hemorrhoids, then it is a sign that something needs to be tweaked or fixed, and listening to that message can help keep hemorrhoids away forever.