Obama Healthcare Congress Code Blue Socialism People Americans Citizens – No

There is no doubt in my mind that health care needs a code blue alert, however compiling a massive unread document like the Obama Care bill is utterly insane.

It is an insult to every American citizen to try to shove such a bill down our throats, mainly because at the time of its passing, hardly any member of Congress had even read it.  They had no idea what type of garbage was imbedded in the bill.  It is just one more ploy to direct our system to one of socialism.

Our current healthcare system is one of the best in the world, but there are issues that need attention. Why would we want to model another countries healthcare, when our facilities and doctors see patients from all over the world?

The current healthcare bill has everything in it from taxing your estate when you die to deciding when your life is no longer viable.  Well, excuse me, I may ache a little and maybe I don’t run quite as fast as I used to, but I think I will let God decide when it is time for me to exit this earthly body.

I can guarantee that healthcare reform could have been completely written in less than 10 pages.  When it takes over two thousand pages to tweak our healthcare system, we better look out!   There are some simple common sense solutions to helping get healthcare to more people and also to keep healthcare cost down.

When it costs sixty four dollars to get an MRI in the Ukraine and twenty-four hundred to get one in the US, exactly what is the difference?  It is not rocket science where many of the problems lie.  Being able to cross state lines to purchase healthcare automatically lowers healthcare cost due to the good old art of competition.  Basically Congress could have took ten aspects of healthcare and put their heads together to come up with some common sense approaches to make our healthcare better.

President Obama was careless, untruthful, and refused to let the bills be read.  That alone should have been a huge red flag to Americans, and I think it was.  Absolute power corrupts and it has.  The government’s job is to listen to the will of the people and to do what they ask, not set out on their own agenda while totally disregarding the people’s wishes.