Do I really need to treat my vitiligo?

This is a question that you should ask yourself at least ten times before you opt out to seek a treatment plan for these white patches. It is extremely important because many small patches of vitiligo may disappear spontaneously, and waiting for a couple of months may be more rewarding than you are possibly inclined to imagine. You do not need to be a genius to use a camouflage / makeup in the meanwhile of course!

You may also need no treatment if the white patches are situated at a cosmetically unimportant location, and who else than your own esteemed self can decide better about it?

Treatment of vitiligo can be almost un-necessary in whites with type-1 skin, where the vitiligo shall almost be imperceptible. If however you have a light skin which tans on sun exposure, it is likely that your vitiligo becomes noticeable only when the adjacent normal skin tans. Do not simply let it tan! That means minimum of sun exposure and using sun screens in the order of SPF 30+ if required.

If you case does not fall in any of these categories and you see no option but to seek treatment, you must remember that this disorder hardly causes harm to your health, and the only reason to seek treatment is to improve your looks! You should hence be asking yourself another very important “Why do I need to treat it?” that’s because you may not need to treat your vitiligo if you don’t give a damn to how you look.