Teenage Acne – What can I do?

You are not alone – Teenage acne affects over 90 % of all adolescents, it affects teens from all over the world, male or female.

Teenage Acne is not your fault, it is not caused by anything that you do, it is  caused by a combination of contributing factors some being hormones and even genetic’s play a big part.  Can we get rid of acne? YES.  We need to take control NOW!

So what are the real acne causes?  Puberty is usually the starting point when your body starts to produce hormones called androgens.  It is usually associated with males, but females also produce androgens but not as much as boys.

Teenage Acne – What can I do?

Acne has a lot to do with the way someone sees themselves, and especially for teenagers who are still trying to figure out who they are in the world, acne conglobata can cause a lot of self esteem issues.

Teenagers are often concerned with outward appearance and suffer great pains to look their best.  A major problem for 95% of teenagers comes in the form of acne – viewed by many teens as social suicide, even thought it is very common for the age group.

Teens are often extremely preoccupied with appearance – their own and others.  Even if a teenager is suffering from acne is not being treated differently due to the skin condition, they are likely highly aware of people looking at their skin and can feel self-conscious.  Due to lack of knowledge about acne, many teens may not know the best way to cure acne and feelings of helplessness and depression can emerge.  Ironically, acne may cause depression, depression causes stress, and stress in turn causes more acne.

Teens may also try to cover up acne more than other age groups, using heavy make-up or long hairstyles.  Both of these tactics may exacerbate acne, as hair is covered in oil and sweeps dirt over the face, while heavy make-up can get trapped in pores and create more acne.  Embarrassment over teenage acne may be quite minor, but for some individuals the shame and concern which develops many become so severe that professional psychological help may be required.

There are many products and treatments that will help to control and cure teenage acne.  The products on this site have been used and reviewed by many different people, we have picked the best products and advice to help cure your teenage acne.